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Open 4 Public Comment:

2nd Amendment to the B2H Site Certificate!

Stop B2H Coalition, April 2024

What do they want now? …

In a nutshell, Request for Amendment 2 (RFA2), submitted by Idaho Power[1] seeks approval from the Energy Facility Siting Council[2] to: 

*Widen the B2H site boundary - adding a half-mile for 300 miles (the current width is 500'), without additional surveys;

*Add a "mid-line capacitor" station - to boost the energy all the way to Idaho;

*Add miles of access roads and widen others - to accommodate the amendments' additions;

*Change "site conditions" - for example, weakening fish & wildlife protections;

*And more... LINK

Helpful Notices & Links:

·  Public Notice, including where and how to comment: LINK

·  Maps of expanded Site Boundary: LINK 

·  Maps of Micro-siting additions:  LINK

ODOE [3] has new tools too:

 - A ten-minute video describing the Type A Amendment Contested Case threshold:  LINK

- The applicable rules related to the Amendment processes and Requests for Contested Case under Type A Review, see: LINK  

- The Public Guide contains information on the EFSC process, including the contested case process and is accessible via: LINK

Considering commenting?...  Here is the full RFA2 and Attachments:  LINK

If you want to submit comments by May 30th on any particular piece of this amendment request, the information is in the Public Notice LINK.  The process is very similar to the original site certificate process and you may recall our “How To” Handbook and other tips from years ago. 

Two paths:  1) go for the hearts and minds of the Council and comment with your opinion and passion; and/or 2) comment with “specific specificity” to enable a possible contested case. 
We can help! 

Questions?  Please contact - Irene at: 541-963-8160 or; or

[1] Idaho Power Corporation = IPC, the developer, the applicant, the certificate holder.

[2] Energy Facility Siting Council = EFSC or The Council.

[3] ODOE = Oregon Department of Energy.

3 Ways to 

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